Information About the Beaches On the Island Of Pag

There are so many unspoiled, clear water beached in Croatia. Pag has arguably the best beaches in Croatia.


Zrce is the most beautiful and the most action-packed beach in Novalja. During the season hundreds of bathers enjoy their time on this relatively unspoiled Oasis of fun and relaxation. The beach offers a great range of sports, leisure and entertainment facilities, restaurants and super-clubs: Aquarius, Calypso, Papaya. Important to mention that Zrce has a blue flag, which means clean water, showers, toilets and lifeguards on duty all day.

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Novalja - 2.4 km
St.Novalja - 3.2 km
Zubovici - 6 km
Kustici - 6 km

The great thing about a holiday in Novalja is that you are not limited just to Zrce beach. You can easily travel to a whole range of exciting beaches. Below we have listed the most popular ones- some of the beaches below are usually reserved to "local knowledge" so this may be the first time that they are published online. There are also hundreds of small coves and beaches on Pag which you can discover all by yourself with a little adventuring to find your own private beach paradise.

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Croatia BeachLocated east of Novalja, on the site of the Roman city, which, accordingly to legend, sank into the sea while an earthquake in the fourth century. The ruins of the city are located near the beach. The beach is mainly sand, with some gravel parts. The shore here is very steep, sloping very deeply. On the beach there are restaurants and some recreational activities.

Udaljenost to Novalja: 2.5 km
Type of beach: sand / gravel


Planjka Trinćel

Is a beautiful sandy beach, which is located northwest of Novalja, along the east coast of Stara Novalja. The beach is covered with fine sand. The beach is being maintained very well, therefore, is perfect for parents with young children. It has many restaurants and sports and leisure facilities. Since the summer of 2004 the beach is blue flagged.

Distance from Novalja: 2 km
Beach type: sand


Straško Plava

Croatia BeachStraško beach (and campsite of the same name), is located south of Novalja, and heads towards the open sea. It is about 1.5 kilometres long, slightly rockier than other beaches, so is the entrance to the sea. After a few meters walking out you reach the sandy bottom. The beach is one of the most beautiful areas on the Adriatic, free from extensive numbers of restaurants, entertainment and sport facilities. The beach is very popular because it is located in a beautiful pine forest with plenty of natural shade. Since the summer of 2004 the beach is blue flagged.

Distance from Novalja: 1 km
Beach type: pebble



Undiscovered sandy beaches through a picturesque area called Canyon Apartments. The beach has a beautiful lunar landscape; the sea is transparent and clean.

Distance from Novalja: 10 km
Beach type: sand